From: Justin Millner
Sent: 18 November 2002 11:31
Subject: Some help on rural broadband
I wonder if you can help me, I live in a small rural community, Badminton in Gloucestershire and am trying to get broadband access, specifically ADSL from BT.  I have registered on BT Wholesale's web site, however demand is not great at present and it looks unlikely that we will reach the threshold in the near future.
What I would like to do is to try and raise awareness and therefore stimulate demand locally, I would be interested if the DTI has any ideas about how to do this, are there any other rural communities where this has been successful and is there are literature or other collateral available to help.
I would also be grateful if your could put me in contact with a someone at BT Wholesale where I could find out the reach of the cable distribution scheme from the local exchange and the threshold for upgrading so that I can work out which of the Parish magazines to put articles in, etc.
The ironic thing is that we have two separate fibre trunk distribution schemes running past our drive and through the village, one from NTL and other from Colt, supporting multiple Gigabyte systems but we cannot gain access to them even though they caused massive disruption to the village when they were installed.
My local exchange is SSBAD.
Many thanks for your help and assistance.
Rgds Justin
Justin Millner
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