Broadband in the village
What is Broadband?
Broadband allows you to connect to the internet and has three main advantages over dialup that is used by most people.

The first of these is it's speed, it is about 10 times quicker than dialup making browsing quicker and allowing you to download music, pictures and video which would not be practical using dialup.  Access is also instant, no waiting for your modem to dialup, get authorized and give you access, with broadband this happens instantaneously.

The next advantage is that it does not tie up your phone line while you are online, you can make and receive calls while you are surfing.

The final advantage is that you are billed a fixed amount per month however long you are online, you can do this with dialup access. I know but your are often limited in the number of hours per week you can be online with your dialup account.

There are lots of other advantages of broadband but if you are techie enough to understand them you probably already know about them!

If you would like to know more about broadband and ADSL try this link.

What has the Government said about Broadband?
The government believes that Broadband is critical for the UK.  It has committed that every school and doctors surgery will have 2MB Broadband connectivity by 2004.  It sees Broadband as critical for the UK to retain or gain it's competitiveness and it has committed to enabling more and more interactions with government over the internet.  I wrote to the dti asking about broadband, here is my email and their response
How much does it cost?
Broadband costs vary depending on which Internet Service Provider (ISP) supplies it. The lowest price I have seen is 19.99 per month from PlusNet, there is an installation charge and you will need an ADSL modem.  The price of ADSL modems is falling very fast as broadband takes off, the UK has now got the highest rate of uptake in Europe and we will soon have the highest % penetration.
Who supplies it?
There are two main suppliers of Broadband service BT and the cable companies.  In our area Telewest has the franchise, however we have no cable infrastructure in the village and we are very unlikely to in the foreseeable future.

BT supply broadband via Internet Service Providers (ISP), we contract with the ISP and BT provides the local broadband connection, they use a technology called ADSL.  ADSL uses the same wires as your existing telephone but BT need to put additional equipment in the exchange, in our case this is the exchange in Sodbury Rd..

BT Broadband
Currently broadband service is not available in Acton Turville.  There is a scheme that allows you to register your interest in broadband, once enough people have registered BT will then equip the local telephone exchange so that we can then get broadband in the village and surrounding villages which are served by the Acton Turville exchange.

If you want to register your interest for broadband, your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) will probably have a registration service if not I know the following ISPs do; , and

There is a website sponsored by the South West Regional Development Agency, which provides a focus for broadband initiatives within the South West, SouthWest Broadband.
What Can I do to Help?
In the short term we need as many people who are interested in using broadband to register either with your existing ISP if they supply it and you want to retain them or register with , and or any of the other ISP's that support broadband.  I use PlusNet and would happily recommend them.

You can check here as to how many people have registered for Broadband who are served off the Acton Turville exchange BT ADSL Demand Check and enter Badminton in the exchange name field.  At the time of writing there are 30 registered and no threshold set.

Last Updated - 11/03/2003