Welcome to the Acton Turville in South Glos. online community, this site is under construction, if you have any ideas or content that you wish to be held here please mail justin@dsm.uk.com.

The principles behind this site are that it will not be run for profit and it will evolve to help all of us who live in Acton Turville and the surrounding villages.  We are currently looking for ideas, content and information that you think would be of use or interest to the community.

How do you get your information included?

The easy answer is get it to me and I will put it up on the site, the list below gives you some types of media that are possible to publish.

Links, it is great to have these on the site, giving one central place for useful local links and the content should be kept up to date by the relevant site owner!

Electronic information, most if not all information that you can get to be by email, disk or CD is easy and quick to publish, I should be able to publish within a day or two unless I am on hols or have lots of work on.

Typed information, if the information is typed on paper and I can scan it easily that is OK, I then need to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) it and check it, will take a bit longer and more effort to do.  I think we will find some of the most interesting stuff is be in this format, information on the history of the village etc will be held like this and it would be great to see it on the site. You can either drop this in to me at the address below or fax it to me on 219056.

Pictures, are easily scanable and then can be shared by all of us.

Handwritten information can either be typed up, I am not very good at this! any volunteers? or scanned and posted on the site the same way we would post a picture.

So if you have any ideas, content or information you can email it to me at justin@dsm.uk.com or drop it in to, Delapre, Sodbury Rd. Acton Turville. Dan at the Village shop has very kindly agreed to be drop off point for any information as well, so next time you are shopping, drop off anything you want to appear on www.actonturville.net.

If you want to talk to me either stop me on Ollie's scooter as I head to Trinity School in the morning or afternoon or give me a call on 219038 days, 218566 evenings.

Justin Millner