Neighbourhood Watch!

Why do we not have a Neighbourhood watch scheme in Acton Turville?

We are far from immune from crime in the village. We could even be considered as easy targets with our links to the motorway and many roads out of the village.

So somebody take the lead and get the village organised!

The Badminton exchange is up to 40 people registering interest in Broadband access! - this is not great news as we need at least another 160 or so before it will be upgraded.  We are in danger of being left in the information dark ages in AT.

Well you could give your 30+ to Mr Murdoch and his SKY TV, but some of us think there are better ways to spend 400 per year.

Are you interested in getting Broadband Access? click here to see how you can


If anyone knows the source of this line drawing of the village, please contact me, I would like to put an original copy here (without the fold marks and save it as a decent picture!), acknowledge their work and ask their permission!