Tatler comes to Acton Turville

Please send your pictures of the "locals"  to me for inclusion here, thanks Justin.

Mr Heseltine

Ian showing off his skills on the stilts, looking a bit startled though!

SF Furniture at Work

Another hectic day, Dec and Marty relax after the stresses of corporate life.

Mr O'Donoghue

Mrs Heseltine

Just want to check out the bottom of this one.

It's a tough life

Mrs Sturley and Mrs Millner

Looking up to the master!

Mr and Mrs Lomas

Eric I have told you about singing before!

Eric Lomas

Oh, no publicity!

Mr and Mrs Drew

Ian you must stand closer to the razor when you shave!

Mr Heselitine

I am sure I used to have eyes!

Mr Roderick Stanning and Mrs Roderick Stanning

Come on guys when are you going to do it!!!

Jessie and Kiana

Well, not both "village people" but they do look odd enough!

Now where did I leave Mr Drew?

Class 1 doing their assembly

Class 1 again

Trinity does us proud

It's a time warp at Trinity

More Fab Times at Trinity

I wish I had this much fun at school, I might have learn't something!

They are all at it!

Is that your dads shirt - Patrick where have you been hiding that one?

Great haircut!

Peace Man!

To much asparagus?

Well it was all about helping others!

We should be dancing not sitting

Ollie and Monty

No not THAT button!

Lord of the coins

Mrs Causton?

I am running out of comments!

Last Updated - 11/06/2003